The Elves of Manator are an ancient race. According to them they are the first peoples in fact. The fey beings are exceedingly long lived, their lifespans reaching as far as 2000 years. The Elves were the first to colonize Lextor, inhabiting the ancient, virgin forests and living in those woods for millennia.

As with all things, time moves forward, and other races arose in time. First the dwarves came from below, claiming be born of rock and gemstone. Then the humans arose. At first they were barbarous, roaming and steered clear of Elven lands out of fear. Slowly the humans settled, found agriculture and became something more than beasts, beginning trade and dialog with the elves.

As rose the noble races, so too did the foul. Orcs, goblinkin, trolls and giants all roam the continent. They at different times in history have built empires, waged war among themselves, and for the orcs, earned themselves a special hatred of the elves.

Now, in modern times, the elves rules two protectorates under the Emperor, one of their own. This empire has led to vast learning, shared knowledge, and lifted all four of the races that call it home to something higher.

There are still those elves that live in the deep woods, the primal places, those that avoid all outside contact, but these wildings are rarely seen, and often feared.


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