Halflings are a strange race. None know from whence they came for one, or when they integrated into the cities of the other races. In fact when asked, many will say they’ve always been there, but are younger than humans in the recollections of even the most learned.

They are a short people, shorter than gnomes even, but they range in type as do humans. Short(er), tall(ish) fat, skinny, athletic, or flabby. They share all of the skin and hair ranges found in humans as well, from lilly white to midnight black, and everything in between.

On the surface they seem a laid back, welcoming bunch, ready with a joke a song or a meal. Many are found working in such service industries, running bakeries, inns, acting as jesters or bards.

There is a whisper though that they also are the premier assassins of the emperor. That many of the small folk are not at all what they seem. This could be idle talk, or more, but as with any race, they are not homogenous and there could be a sect of halfing assassins lurking just out of sight.


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