Warborn are sentient machines created by humans to bolster their numbers and serve them in every need. Warborn were originally modified golems, created from dwarven techniques, that over time integrated elven life magics, and finally gnomish engineering. The results of this labor are tall, humanoid, sentient machines that can heal, but need little rest, don’t eat, and make loyal servants, in war and out.

Only in the last 500 years have some of these creations begun to strike out on their own, try to find meaning to their existence, and in some limited cases revolted against their human masters.

Warborn now reside in all corners of the Empire, be they servants of humans, other races, or the now free thinking beings charting their own course through life.

The Warborn cannot reproduce as biological races, and the research is guarded, but it is possible to create new ones outside of the factories that traditionally have spawned them, if difficult and prone to errors and horrors.


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