Michael "the Modest" Blackhorse

A tall, muscular man with sun tanned skin and a clean shaven head.


In keeping with the vows of his order, Michael keeps his head shaved clean whenever he can. He still wears his army uniform, but it is void of any metals or ribbons, though he has earned several. He carries the Aunk, an alternative symbol of his god, on a simple brass chain along with his weapons and armor from the field.
While it is important to keep himself tidy, his overcoat and apron are often stained with the dull colors of the dead and dying. He keeps his armor polished but has not repaired the many dents and few holes that each act as a reminder of how close he has come to meeting his own end.


Michael “the Modest” Blackhorse
Michael grew up never really knowing his parents, they both died in an outbreak of a plague when he was only 4 years old. The local priests of Cornucopia sent him to an orphanage run by their order. There, he watched and learned as the clerics, those who were seen as most holy, used the powers of the gods to heal the sick and wounded. Soon he began to help the priests in their daily duties, spending long hours caring for the ill and injured patience of the clerics. As he grew older one of the elder Clerics began to train him as more than just a healer, but a true defender of the faith. It was said that he heard of the voice of his god before he reached the age of 16, though he would never admit to it, earning himself the title Michael the Modest.
When he was of age, Micheal joined the Boborian Army and marched off to war as a chaplain and healer. He was not prepared for the atrocities he would witness in just a few short years of his tour. It was there that Michael learned that the true evil in this world lurked just below the surface of most men’s hearts. He did what he could as a healer, but too often he was much to late and only served as witness to the newly dead and freshly slaughtered. Michael prayed to his god for understanding, but it was the will of men that he could not fathom, not the will of god.
After a particularly horrendous loss of men in a battle towards the end of Michael’s tour he was given a kind of open ended leave. While he was still part of the army, while he wasn’t on active duty he was not drawing an pay. He now drifts from place to place, taking what money comes his way from doing the job his god as gifted him to do, heal the wounded, ease the suffering of the dying. And there is never a shortage of work to be done.

Michael "the Modest" Blackhorse

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