Ulrich Bunderbuss

Tall Mountain Dwarf with auburn hair and sunburnt skin


Ulrich is known in his line of work as an “Axe Man.” This comes both from his reputation as a hardhearted Underworld Enforcer and the myriad of weapons he carries. A greataxe on his back, a battleaxe at his side and a pair of hand axes on his hips. His chainmail is rugged and torn in many places from the great many fights Urlich has been party to. His pale dwarf skin has taken on a permanent tan/burnt hue do to all his time on the surface as he still prefers to stay away from is own kind.
While his flaming auburn hair is not uncommon among his people, keeping is so long and unkempt is, bound only by occasional small braids and dreads that have formed over time. His nose shows the bulged arch of being broken and unset many times over and he has more than one gold tooth in his head.
While Ulrich doesn’t smile much (what’s there to be happy about) he also is without the dwarf temper, allowing insults to roll off his back most of the time, unless, that is, they mention the name Ungart…
Ulrich wears an odd necklace that gets him into trouble from time to time. It has on it the mummified fingers of four elf archers. Hitters send by a rival crime lord to take Ulrich out. The had the misfortune of calling him by his “family” name when tracking him. They woke up to the sight of and falling axe and then they never woke up again.


Ulrich “Blunderbuss” Ungart
The Dwarven House of Ungart has laid in dishonor since before Ulrich was born. While defending Lord Grendtar’s Hall in a surprise attack by a hoard of Orcs, Ulrich’s uncle made a horrible blunder in Battle. His Great-axe was broken into two pieces and the battle was lost as the Hall was overrun with Orcs. In shame, the Ungart family was given the nickname “Blunderbuss” and expelled from the Lord’s lands, plunging their House into dishonor.
For years the men of House Ungart ventured off, seeking a way to regain their honor, seeking to mend their great uncle’s broken axe and the House’s fallen Honor. And one by one, all that have tried have failed, as if the world itself swallows them up and they die or disappear. The House is scattered now and few of them remain. After watching so many of his older brothers and uncles march off to meet their Doom Ulrich finally had enough. When he was of age he too struck out on his own, but not to heal the Family wound, but to ignore it, nay, flee from it. He took the name Blunderbuss as his own and sought out what work would pay the most gold, for a dishonored life need not be an uncomfortable one. In seeking his fortune he fell in among the Criminal Underworld and made some strange friends and powerful enemies. He drifts from job to job, always trying to earn enough coin to buy himself out of the trouble that lurks just around the next corner.
As a formally trained warrior, Ulrich has found his talents usually lie in the area of enforcement and collections, as his willingness to inflict pain for payment has brought him a good living from time to time. With his keen with and natural charm, he is able to avoid open violence almost as often as he must commit it. All in all, the life of a Criminal dwarf isn’t so bad as long as he can stay one step ahead of that cursed last name, Ungart.

Ulrich Bunderbuss

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