Situated in the south-central part of Bobor, this hamlet-sized village is located 30 leagues south-east of the city of Cornacopia. It is located on the fringe of the territory controlled by the noble lord, the Viscount of Verbobonc.

To the north is the mighty Veverdyva River, along whose south bank runs the ‘low road’. Many days’ travel east on the shores of the Lake Nyr Dyv is the great walled city of Dyvers. The village of Sobanwych lies about halfway between.

The road south of the community branches, one branch leading south-west, the other running west, then south again to the Elven kingdom of Celene.

Hommlett being at a crossroads, grew from a few farms to a thriving rest stop and resupply point many decades ago. This fortune waned in with the rise of an evil temple not six miles away. The evil swelled and overran the region, until the forces of Good routed the growing Evil in the temple.

This was many years ago, and since then the town has grown again, though rumors of Evil in the hills and swamps are returning, as are the persistent rumors of treasures yet unclaimed still existing in the Temple and its out buildings.


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